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Welcome to the Painting

Rating: NC-17
Timeline: Set during Jerry's Painting.
Summary: For the tumblr prompt: Do you think you could write an AU about jerry's painting where ben goes to the art show and sees it? Smut would be highly appreciated :)
Frying marbles in a pan.Collapse )

The Drawer

Rating: PG
Timeline: Set post-season 7.
Summary: The triplets find Leslie and Ben's special drawer. Chaos ensues.
So, I thought we agreed to cool it on buying any new toys for a little while?Collapse )

Distant as the Milky Way

Rating: NC-17
Timeline: Set during the Win, Lose, or Draw.
Summary: Leslie and Ben slip away towards the end of her victory party
Note: Yeah, there is a reason Ben’s shirt was all untucked.
Leslie recognizes the music from when she was little.Collapse )

Leslie and Jean-Ralphio at Paunch Burger

Rating: g
Timeline: Set post-season 6.
Summary: Leslie runs into Jean-Ralphio.
Note: I just found your fic about Jean ralphio meeting Ben/Stephen at the store and you captured him really well and since he seems kind of confused about the fact Leslie is actually married (are you down to clown or something along those lines) could you write a fic where he meets pregnant Leslie and is very confused?
Leslie’s not exactly sneaking into Paunch Burger at three in the afternoon...Collapse )

Lazy Sunday

Rating: G
Timeline: Post-season 7.
Summary: A lazy Sunday afternoon, Leslie and Ben playing with the triplets.
Note: Hello! I’m not quite sure this has enough fall cliches in it, but I tried… ;-)
Daddy, here.Collapse )

Ben Meets Teddy

Rating: NC-17
Timeline: Set during the bubble.
Summary: Set during their bubble, Ben and Leslie spend their second night together.
Note: for the prompt - ben and leslie and leslie's vibrator. either their first time or possibly later on in their relationship like its a thing they maybe often do, anything really :)
Oh, um, that'...Collapse )

October 2015 Drabbles

Rating: G-PG
Timeline: all over the place
Summary: 1. Ben taking care of a pregnant Leslie after she sprains her ankle, 2. Stephen the storyteller, 3. Cuddle-fic (takes place during Are You Better Off?), 4. Ruta Baga Ginsberg, 5. Ben and Stephen carving a pumpkin, 6. Cliff-jumping, 7. Ben and Leslie, teaching the triplets to drive, 8. Sonia painting Ben's nails, 9. Ben comforting a tired, pregnant Leslie, 10. Bobo's full name, 11. The triplets hosting a seance

Are you mad?Collapse )
Rating: NC-17
Timeline: Set late season six
Summary: Just a night of roleplay at the Knope-Wyatt house.
Note: for the prompt - "What the hell are you wearing?"- Ben saying it to Leslie. Maybe she's wearing something she thinks is sexy; finger gloves, cargo pants etc. And he has to tell her it is not sexy but he's still super attracted to her so he jumps her bones anyway.
It had been a typically quiet night, just before Science Officer Wyatt looked up from his monitor at the loud intrusion.Collapse )
Rating: R
Timeline: Set during I'm Leslie Knope
Summary: Leslie needs to break-up with Ben, but then he gives her an eclair.
Note: for the prompt - I think we need a fic detailing that time when Leslie "opposite of broke up with" Ben.
When she walks into the Assistant City Manager’s office that afternoon, Leslie is full of resolve.Collapse )